Snow Scooter
E-Rental Program

A fun new revenue stream for your resort!

Now you can offer the fun of snow scooters to the masses at your resort. And the bonus is, low overhead and minimal staff costs. This is s system inspired by the app rental model employed by e-scooters and dropbikes that you see in major cities across the country. Now with the Railz Snowscooter E-Rental program, you can capitalize on a completely self-service revenue stream that results in happy families getting the most out the time at your resort!

Capitalize on the 'street scooter' boom

It is no secret that street scooters are all the rage. They have low barrier to entry and are tons of fun. Now your reort can capitalize on this exciting industry that sells nearly 40M scooters annually and represents approximately 300M sold in the USA alone!

Create a Passive Revenue Stream

The Railz Snow Scooter E-Rental rack system is built with a tech enable backbone that allows it to be a stand alone operation. No need to a staff precence. Railz developed this model by adapting what they saw in larger cities where people are now renting electric scooters by way of an app.

Railz will be reseponsible for the upfront costs

The Railz Snow Scooter e-Rental program is designed to be plug and play. All you need is the space to install the rack and we take care of the upfront costs. From installation to rental sales processing and maintenance, We even provide the scooters as well as a few spares.

Minimal effort from your resort

  • No need to connect resort internet. System operates by 4G cell/mobile technology.
  • Power hook-up: approximately $5/month
  • High visibility, high traffic location to install the rack
  • Support from facilities department during installation
  • Periodic checking of the rack and scooters
  • Removing snow from the rack and scooters as needed
  • Minor scooter assembly and re-stocking rack as needed

The details...

The RAILZ Pro SnowScooter (100-PS-ORG) is ready for the ski slopes.  This is our all welded pro tuff Scooter that comes equipped with stainless steel metal edges on the skis and a safety leash which means it meets the requirements of ski resorts.  This scooter is ready to ride at ski resorts everywhere.  Also, the RAILZ Recreational scooters (100-RS-BLU and 100-RS-GRN) can be converted to ski resort ready SnowScooters by adding the stainless steel rail kit.  So whether you are looking to ride like a pro or cruise the groomers, RAILZ has you covered.

Railz SnowScooter Features

  • No learning curve, No lessons, No special gear, NO WORRIES
  • Ages: 5 to 95 years young. Rider weight: up to 100kg (220lb)
  • Designed and built Pro-Tough by RAILZ to meet ski resort device requirements.
  • Next-Gen RAILZ patented Skis with stainless steel edges and SnowBrakefor complete control and safety
  • Permanently attached safety leash.
  • Go as fast or slow as you want and ride the slopes with confidence on your very first run with a RAILZ SnowScooterand our patented skis & SnowBrake.
  • Adjustable handle bar heights from 76cm (30in.) to 88cm (35in.) for Youth and Adult riders.
  • Deck width: 11.5cm (4.5in.), Deck Length: 56cm (22in.), Handle Bar Width: 53cm (21in.)
    Integrated Sealed Bearing Pro Headset, Anodized Quad Head Tube Clamp, Welded T-bar design,
  • Aluminum Deck

How it works

Scan QR code next to the Scooter/bike

Go for a ride and have fun!

Return scooter/bike to the original lock

"End Ride" using the App

eRental How-to Video

Coming to a resort near you!

The Railz Snow Scooter E-Rental program is being deployed at a handful of resorts for winter 2018/19. Add your resort to that list!


  1. Always wear safety equipment such as helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. Always wear a helmet when riding your scooter and keep the chinstrap securely buckled. Always wear shoes.
  2. Ride on smooth, paved surfaces away from motor vehicles.
  3. Avoid sharp bumps, drainage grates, and sudden surface changes. Scooter may suddenly stop.
  4. Avoid streets and surfaces with water, sand, gravel, dirt, leaves, and other debris. Wet weather impairs traction, braking, and visibility.
  5. Avoid riding on surfaces with exposed soil, rocks and other debris that may contain hidden obstacles.
  6. Do not ride at night.
  7. Brake will get hot from continuous use. Do not touch after braking
  8. Avoid excessive speed associated with downhill rides.
  9. Avoid excessively steep terrain. Do not steer straight down a slope, steer across sloped terrain.
  10. Adults must assist children in the initial adjustment procedures to unfold scooter, adjust handlebar and steering to height, and finally to fold scooter.
  11. Obey all local traffic and scooter riding laws and regulations.
  12. Watch out for pedestrians.
  13. Watch for other riders.
  14. Check and secure all fasteners before every ride.
  15. Replace worn or broken parts immediately.
  16. To be used under adult supervision.
  17. Observe all warning and use at your own risk.
  18. Recreational Youth & Full-Size Scooters: Ages 5+ and maximum rider weight of 200lbs (91kg).
  19. Pro Scooters and Ski Kits: Ages 5+ and maximum rider weight of 220lbs (100kg).
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