1. Always wear safety equipment such as helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. Always wear a helmet when riding your scooter and keep the chinstrap securely buckled. Always wear shoes.
  2. Ride on smooth, paved surfaces away from motor vehicles.
  3. Avoid sharp bumps, drainage grates, and sudden surface changes. Scooter may suddenly stop.
  4. Avoid streets and surfaces with water, sand, gravel, dirt, leaves, and other debris. Wet weather impairs traction, braking, and visibility.
  5. Avoid riding on surfaces with exposed soil, rocks and other debris that may contain hidden obstacles.
  6. Do not ride at night.
  7. Brake will get hot from continuous use. Do not touch after braking
  8. Avoid excessive speed associated with downhill rides.
  9. Avoid excessively steep terrain. Do not steer straight down a slope, steer across sloped terrain.
  10. Adults must assist children in the initial adjustment procedures to unfold scooter, adjust handlebar and steering to height, and finally to fold scooter.
  11. Obey all local traffic and scooter riding laws and regulations.
  12. Watch out for pedestrians.
  13. Watch for other riders.
  14. Check and secure all fasteners before every ride.
  15. Replace worn or broken parts immediately.
  16. To be used under adult supervision.
  17. Observe all warning and use at your own risk.
  18. Recreational Youth & Full-Size Scooters: Ages 5+ and maximum rider weight of 200lbs (91kg).
  19. Pro Scooters and Ski Kits: Ages 5+ and maximum rider weight of 220lbs (100kg).
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