Renting a Railz SnowScooter is this easy!

Download the App: LINKA GO

Scan the QR code below to download the App and setup an account

Follow the steps below to rent a scooter/bike

1. Scan QR code next to the scooter/bike

2. Go for a ride and have fun!

3. Return scooter/bike to the original lock

4. "End Ride" using the App

eRental How-to Video

Rider Safety Guidelines

• Always wear safety equipment such as helmet, knee pads and elbow pads.
• Always wear a helmet when riding your scooter and keep the chinstrap securely buckled.
• A safety leash/lanyard should be securely attached between the scooter/bike and the rider at all times.
• Always wear shoes.
• Ride away from motor vehicles.
• Avoid sharp bumps, drainage grates, and sudden surface changes. Scooter may suddenly stop.
• Avoid streets and surfaces with water, sand, gravel, dirt, leaves, and other debris. Wet weather impairs traction, braking, and visibility.
• Avoid riding on surfaces with exposed soil, rocks and other debris that may contain hidden obstacles.
• Do not ride at night unless permitted by the riding facility and with proper lighting.
• Avoid excessive speed associated with downhill rides.
• Avoid excessively steep terrain. Do not steer straight down a slope, steer across sloped terrain.
• Adults must assist children with safe and proper riding
• Obey all local traffic and scooter riding laws and regulations.
• Watch out for pedestrians.
• Watch for other riders.
• Check and secure all fasteners before every ride.
• Adults must assist children with inspection of scooter/bike prior to riding.
• To be used under adult supervision.
• Observe all warning and use at your own risk.
• Scooters/Bikes: Ages 5+ and maximum rider weight of 220lbs (100kg).

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there instructions for using the APP?
Yes, click "User Guide" below to get the full User’s Guide.

User Guide

What if the lock doesn’t open when starting the rental?
When starting the rental make sure the scooter/bike is freely hanging in the lock and not applying pressure or binding the lock mechanism. If so, just move the scooter/bike to take pressure off the lock.
What if the lock is unresponsive?
The lock may be in sleep mode. Each lock has a motion sensor to bring the lock out of sleep mode. Try tapping on the lock mechanism to wake up the lock.
How do I rent multiple scooters/bike at the same time?
To add a scooter/bike to your rental tap the green “+” button next to the current scooter/bike number.
For additional instructions on adding scooters/bikes click "User Guide" below.

User Guide

Can the scooter/bike be returned to any RAILZ e-Rental Rack?
No, the Scooter/Bike must be returned to the original lock when ending the ride. Match the ID number on the scooter/bike with the ID number on the lock
Why won’t the lock close when ending the ride?

When ending the ride remember to “Push down and hold the RED lock handle to end the ride” allowing the locking mechanism to fully close.
Make sure the scooter/bike is not obstructing the locking mechanism.

Why did I get charged for rental time even after the scooter/bike was returned to the rack?
Rental charges will continue until the scooter/bike is returned to the original lock and securely locked and the ride is ended in the APP.
Scooters not returned to the original lock and the ride ended in the APP, within 12 hours, will be charged the full replacement cost of the scooter/bike.
How do I get technical support?
Please, ask the local rental shop on premises for assistance.
Call technical support at 602-402-4883 or 602-402-3589 or 602-402-7747
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