We've Pursued the Same Goal Since the Beginning:

Engineering Fun!

RAILZ was created by three ski buddies who’s goal was to engineer a snow riding apparatus that requires zero learning curve to master and gives the rider complete control and confidence while sliding downhill on snow. The result was the RAILZ SnowScooter. The RAILZ engineers addressed the challenges by focusing on the ski design and how it interacts with a snow covered surface. This produced a ski that combines vertical rails along with rockered bases that carves on snow as opposed to traditional snow sliding devices that use edges to plow snow. The rider now had the ability to turn without the requirement of learning how control the turning of skis sliding on edge. The development of the RAILZ SureStop snow brake completed the design and completed the controllability of the RAILZ SnowScooter by providing the ability to control their speed on downhill snow covered surfaces. With complete control of turns and speed, the rider has complete confidence in the ability to ride and the entire focus of the ride becomes all about fun!

Why Railz Snow Scooter?

We started RAILZ so kids and families everywhere could enjoy the winter, outdoors.

  • Designed and engineered to last longer than any other snow scooter on the market.
  • The only SnowScooter in the world that has patented rails that carve and edge on snow to give riders unparalleled control and 100% steering confidence
  • The only SnowScooter in the world that has a functional brake that gives riders 100% confidence in speed control. This provides a far safer ride.
  • The only SnowScooter in the world that has virtually zero learning curve
  • The only SnowScooter on the market that is approved for use at ski resorts

The Railz Team

David Shipley

Growing up in a family owned business, David, has always been an entrepreneur at heart. Developing the RAILZ business has been a lifelong dream and with a Master of Science Degree in Engineering and over 25 years of Electrical, Industrial & Sport Equipment design & development experience, David has the background to turn RAILZ into an Industry leader. The most important part of David’s life is his wife and 2 children and the love of the outdoors and sports (basketball, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, hunting & fishing).

Brad Birdsell

Brad is an engineer by training but mostly by curiosity. Since he was a child, there was nothing safe from being re-engineered. If something catches his interest you can guarantee that he will be researching, analyzing and designing solutions the same day. And then be in the shop that night building prototypes. In fact, many of the Railz prototypes have come to life in the wee hours of the night in Brad’s garage shop. Creating an outdoor business was a natural progression for Brad since he lives for outdoor adventure.

Eric Hansen

Eric Hansen grew up on a farm in Washington State where he developed a strong work ethic. Eric moved to Arizona State for college and fell in love with his new climate, diverse enough to go snow skiing on a Saturday and Jet skiing at the lake on a Sunday. Eric has always been a creative and thinking outside of the box person. Eric received his first patent at the young age of 23 where he proved to himself he can make a difference. Railz is another step in the direction of thinking outside the box and making a difference for people to have fun outdoors.
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