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5 Top Winter Sports For Kids

Instead of basketball, baseball, or football enjoy winter sports with your kids this season! Here are a few winter sports kids (and adults) can look forward to playing.

Here’s Our List of 5 Top Winter Sports For Kids

Snow Scootering 

First on our list of winter sports is the RAILZ Snow Scooter. RAILZ took the idea of a modern kick scooter and transformed it to create a recreational snow scooter. Wanting to change the way kids and adults played in the snow, RAILZ successfully combined innovative design with traditional winter sports to create a snow scooter perfect for the chilly winter months! Best for younger riders, our ‘Youth Snow Scooter‘ model is made with tough, but lightweight, materials. With adult sizes available, the whole family can enjoy this sport close to home or on the hills at a local park or ski resort. (Video credit, Sam Tabor)



Downhill skiing can be a lifelong winter sport for you and your family to enjoy. Skiing on the bunny hills, playing follow the leader and iSpy are great ways to start. Ski instructors will teach as young as age 3, many kids can ski independently on a slope in just a few days. If you live close to the mountains, this can be an excellent way for the kids to get in some great cardio and play!

Ice Skating


Young skaters can start on double blades skating at your local ice rink which can be a year-round activity, rollerblades are another option during the offseason. This can be a great way to work on balance, strength, and cardio! During the winter months, look for outdoor ice rinks that have been approved by the local police and recreational departments. If your little one is under 6 helmets are encouraged for use to prevent injury. Gloves, knee and elbow pads are also helpful for beginners.

Tubing & Sledding


Along with sledding and tobogganing, tubing is an excellent way to get some exercise and have fun the kids! Tubes are lighter than a traditional sled and can be safer too. You’ll want to be sure to double check equipment for loose pieces, jagged edges, weight capacity, and check handhold stability. The best place to sled is on packed snow, in an area free of obstacles and far from street traffic. You’ll want to pick a hill that ends in a flat plane and double check for tree stumps or rocks hidden in the snow. Many communities have hills for sledding in the winter time!

Snow Skating

Last but not least on our list is the Snow Skate. With the RAILZ wheel and ski kits you or your kids can enjoy skateboarding year-round despite the weather. Ski kits can be added to the bottom of a skateboard and allow for an easy ride down bunny hills and slightly curved snow covered areas. Bring your Snow Skate to local parks, or your nearest slopes*.


Which winter sport is your favorite? Did we add one you’ve never heard of? Reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you!


*Winter sports are a great way to have fun, but with any sport, there is always a risk of injury. Be sure to cCall ahead to ensure ski resorts and sledding hills allow snow scooters. Ride with caution and follow all rules, regulations & safety warnings.