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The Folding Kick Scooter — And More Fun Railz Features

folding kick scooter

The folding kick scooter by Railz is one of the hottest new toys this upcoming holiday season. The best part? These can be ridden in the SNOW, they come in a few sizes, and they fold easily—so they’re perfect for tossing into the car or for storage. Take a look at these options you have in a folding kick scooter. Your kids will LOVE these new items, so keep these in mind with the holidays quickly approaching (especially the snow scooters)!

The Folding Kick Scooter — And Hot New Accessories

Full Size Recreational Snow Scooter

folding kick scooterWho said scooters are only for kids? This Full Size Snow Scooter allows kids, teens and parents to have fun in the snow. This folding kick scooter is all the rage this winter. You can hit the slopes with the coolest new gadget this year! It comes with a FREE Railz Logo Sticker and Safety Lanyard! Great for ages 12+, up to 200 lb., and it comes with an adjustable handlebar that extends between 32″-38″ for different heights. The deck length is 22″—perfect for various sizes of feet! This folding kick scooter comes with a snow brake for extra control on the slopes. No assembly required—just wrap it up for the holidays!

Youth Recreational Snow Scooter

folding kick scooterHit the slopes with the Youth Snow Scooter! With your purchase, you’ll receive a FREE Railz Logo Sticker (to start getting your snow scooter decked out) and a Safety Lanyard! This is the perfect holiday gift for ages 5+ (rider weight up to 200 lb.) and it comes with a handlebar that spans between 28″ and 32″ for different sizes of riders! Deck length measures 15″ for smaller feet. It comes with a snow brake for simpler control when you’re on the slopes. The Youth Snow Scooter folds easily and requires NO assembly!

Full Size Folding Kick Scooter For Street & Snow

folding kick scooterThe Full Size Street & Snow Conversion Scooter is a huge hit with kids. Sure—you’ve seen skis, snowboards and sleds—but have you ever seen a snow scooter? This is a hot item this year, not only because it’s such a cool toy that allows you to swap out wheels with skis—but also because it folds easily. Toss it in the car and hit the snowy hills! A Conversion Kit, RAILZ Logo Sticker and Safety Lanyard (to prevent you from losing your scooter if you take a tumble) are all included! This is great for ages 13+ and comes with an adjustable handlebar (32″-38″). It has a 22″ deck length (thus plenty of foot room) and comes with a snow brake AND a wheel brake for easy riding, no matter if it’s on pavement or in the snow. All tools and instructions needed to assemble this amazing scooter are included!

Kids Folding Kick Scooter For Snow Or Street

folding kick scooterYou can shred all year with confidence with the Youth Street & Snow Scooter. It comes with a Conversion Kit (so you can switch between wheels and skis), a RAILZ Logo Sticker and Safety Lanyard. This is perfect for ages 5+, as its adjustable handlebar spans between 28 and 32 inches. Also, the 15″ deck length is great for smaller feet. The Youth Street & Snow Folding Kick Scooter comes equipped with both a snow brake and a wheel brake, so you can safely ride on either snow or pavement! It folds for easy transportation and comes with all the tools and instructions you’ll need to assemble it.

Full Size Street Scooter

folding kick scooterThe Railz Full Size Street Scooter is the perfect folding kick scooter for cruising with confidence! It has a quick adjust handlebar, and folds easily for storage and carrying. This slick-looking scooter includes 125 mm Urethane Red Wheels with ABEC-5 bearings and a steel fender brake. The kick scooter comes in a sleek red, black and chrome color scheme. Your order includes a FREE Railz logo sticker to start decorating your folding kick scooter! This item is great for ages 5+ and rider weight of up to 200 lb.

Youth Street Scooter

folding kick scooterThe Railz Youth Street Scooter allows any rider to cruise with confidence down the street or sidewalk! It has a quick adjust handle bar and folds up quickly and easily for carrying and storage. It also features striking red, black and chrome colors that let you ride in style. Furthermore, you;ll receive a FREE Railz sticker with your purchase! This scooter accommodates riders aged 5+ (weights up to 200 lb.).

Snow Ski Kit

folding kick scooterIf you’re looking for snow skis for scooters for kids, look no further. Railz makes conversion ski kits that you can attach to your folding kick scooter and cruise down a snowy hill with ease.


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