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Easy Tricks To Do On a Kick Scooter: In the Snow

The winter season is upon us, and it’s time to break out the winter gaming equipment. With the new Railz Snow Scooter, you don’t have to be a professional to pull off some amazing tricks, even on your first ride. It’s designed and built Pro-Tough by RAILZ so you can shred the mountain or local sledding hill with confidence.

Not sure what tricks to do with your new ride? You can try many of the same stunts you would on a Railz Kick Scooter. Check out our guide below for a few to start with, in the snow.



1. The Bunny Hop – Hopping with Both Wheels


The bunny hop is the first move you’ll want to learn on your kick snow scooter. It’s a move that opens the door to whips, grinds and more. Once you’ve nailed the bunny hop, you might want to try a nollie – hoping off your front wheel instead of both.

 2. Tail Whip.

A good tail whip relies on your arm movement, although you’ll need some fancy footwork, too. You want to get as much air as you can before giving the tail whip a go. It’s best to start on flat snow surfaces before moving on to anything more on the slopes. Your back foot is going to kick the deck to get things moving, and your arms will take over to swing it 360, back to your starting stance.

3. Bar Spin – Spinning Your Handlebars.

Spinning your handlebars will require getting some air, but you can practice by hanging your front ski over some snow, quarter pipe or rock. If you’re spinning the bars 180, throw them from your most active hand (your writing hand) to your other side. When this feels good, try doing this in the air. Once you’ve done this, you can try a 360 spin by throwing your bars around until you can grab the same bar back with your throwing hand.

4. Manual – Riding on the Back Wheel of the Scooter.

Manuals are simple enough in theory, but in practice can take some time to get right. If you lift up too hard, your scooter will slide right out from under you, but lift up too little and you’ll struggle to keep your front ski off the ground. You’ll need decent balance to stay in manual. Once you’ve got the manual down, you’ll be able to build your speed going down the slopes.

5. Fakie – Riding Your Snow Scooter, Backwards.

Learning to fakie allows you to do tricks that require riding backward, either into fakie and out of fakie (like a 180 and nose whip). This move requires balance and control. The simplest way to practice is to approach a slope or pipe, slide up to it slightly and let gravity do the rest.

6. No Hander/One Hander – Taking One (or Both) Hands Off the Bars.easy-tricks-kick-scooter

Once you can get some air, test yourself by taking one hand off of your bars. You might be wobbly at first, but this is a step towards confidence and a sweet move that you can add to combinations later. When you’re feeling ready, you can stretch one arm right out or take both hands off of your bars and do the same.

Now You Know 6 Easy Tricks To Do On a Kick Scooter, In The Snow!

You’re ready to hit the slopes this winter with your Railz Snow Scooter! Enjoy yourself and share your experience with us. Do you have a few other snow tricks up your sleeve? We’d love to here more!


For more tips on how to do these easy tricks on a kick scooter, check out this video.

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