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7 Great Snow Toys for 10 Year Olds

Here are 7 of the best snow toys for 10 year olds to take your child’s winter experience up a notch.

RAILZ Snow Scooter

You don’t have to head to the slopes to give them the thrill of whooshing through the snow on a snowboard. This one works on flat snow-covered surfaces with just a push of the foot, and it’s a blast on powder-covered hills as well.

You can adjust the height of the handle to accommodate riders of varying sizes, and the handle folds down to make taking it on the go and storing it easy. 

GoFloats Winter Snow Tube

This snow tube ensures all eyes will be on you when you hit the slopes. Available in a unicorn, penguin, polar bear and flamingo giving you four characters to chose from or perhaps one for each family member.

Equipped with handles so you can hang on when bumps occur this tube is fun for the whole family. It’s also made with thicker material than most tubes to ensure it doesn’t rip or tear and it also fills up in seconds so you don’t waste precious sledding time.

Evelots My Very Own Snowman Kit

This 15-piece snowman set makes sure you have all of the eyes, mouth, scarf and more to make a friend for your front yard. Families can create snowmen and memories for years to come with these reusable pieces on snow days.

This snowman kit is extremely durable and includes a felt black top hat, coal-shaped eyes, mouth, buttons, a carrot nose, a red acrylic fringed scarf, and plastic pipe.

Ideal Sno Toys Sno-Art Kit

The kit comes with three Sno-Markers in red, green and blue. You simply mix the color packets with warm water in the bottles, and they’re ready to paint the town, or at least your yard.

The kit also contains snow molds in the shape of a star and snowman for extra creative fun.

Paricon Snow Castle Kit

Snow castles are where it’s at come the winter months. This snow castle kit comes in three plastic shapes — a large rectangle, a medium rectangle and a turret, because every snow castle needs turrets, of course. Each piece is made of sturdy but lightweight plastic and comes complete with a handle for easy building.

Wham-O Arctic Force Snowball Slingshot

Once they make all of those snowballs, they’re ready to aim and fire. But the blast off can be so much better with this snowball slingshot that will propel all those snowballs through the air at whatever or whomever they’re trying to hit. This one holds up to three snowballs at once. It also includes a target, for maximum aiming abilities. You simply load in the snowballs, pull back, aim and then send them soaring.

R/C Racing Hovercraft

If your kids are more interested in remote control toys like cars or drones, they might like something like this r/c hovercraft.This hovercraft can glide over snow and ice with ease, making it a great option for winter days when other remote control toys might be unusable.