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Why RAILZ Is Better Than Our Competitor’s Snow Scooters

Recently RAILZ was named #5 on the list of Top Snow Scooters for 2016, while we are grateful to be a part of the list, we feel that RAILZ Youth Snow Scooters should be ranked #1. Here are some reasons why we believe that RAILZ Snow Scooters are better than our competitor’s snow scooters.

1. Quality

Our competitor’s snow scooter skis are made of HDPE plastic. This type of plastic is not durable and breaks easily in cold temperatures. RAILZ skis are made of Nylon-66 material, making them essentially indestructible. With RAILZ, the skis on the Snow Scooter won’t break in freezing temperatures, where this is designed to be used.  

2. Cost

On Amazon, RAILZ snow scooters cost less than our competition’s snow scooters. In reference to the exceptional quality of RAILZ Snow Scooters, you are paying less for a better quality product.

3. Safety

A big priority at RAILZ is the safety of our riders. Unlike RAILZ, our competitor’s snow scooter does not have a snow brake. A snow brake is especially important to new and young riders. Without a brake, riders could easily lose control and get hurt while riding. The RAILZ snow scooters have an excellent, extremely durable snow brake to keep all riders safe.

4. Accommodation

Our competition’s snow scooter only supports riders up to 110 pounds. RAILZ scooters support riders up to 200 pounds and our Pro Snow Scooters support riders up to 220 pounds. This is important because it allows both children and adults to take part in the fun of riding a RAILZ snow scooter. While our competition’s snow scooter is large enough to accommodate riders through their tween years, RAILZ can accommodate riders into adulthood, so there is no worry about out-growing your snow scooter.  

5. Design

The final reason that RAILZ should be #1 on the Top Snow Scooters list is our competitor’s snow scooter violates RAILZ USA Patent. Our competition is currently being pursued regarding the violation of RAILZ USA patent, meaning that soon our competitor’s scooter could be banned from sale in the USA.

Overall, compared to our competition, RAILZ Snow Scooters are made out of better materials that won’t crack in cold temperatures, they cost less than our competitor’s, they are safer, they are able to be used by both kids and adults, and as opposed to our competitor, RAILZ has an original design. Additionally, RAILZ Snow Scooters can be easily converted into Street Scooters, meaning year-round fun.

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