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How To Convert Pro Scooter From Snow To Street Scooter

Here are instructions on how to convert a Pro Scooter from a Snow Scooter to a Street Scooter. E-mail us at: if you have any additional questions.

Step 1 – Remove rear axle & bolt using two 5mm hex keys.

Pro Step 1

Step 2 – Axle, axle bolt & bushings removed from rear ski.

Pro Step 2

Step 3 – Remove front axle & axle bolt from front ski using two 5mm hex keys.

Pro Step 3

Step 4 – Axle & axle bolt removed from front ski.

Pro Step 4

Step 5 – Remove brake pivot bolt & nut using 8mm wrench and 4mm hex key.

Pro Step 5

Step 6 – Brake pivot bolt, nut, and spring removed.

Pro Step 6

Step 7 – Locate wheel brake and insert brake pivot bolt through scooter base and one side of brake pivot bolt hole.

Pro Step 7

Step 8 – Insert brake spring into place, ensure 90 degree bend goes into scooter base channel.

Pro Step 8

Step 9 – Push the spring coil into place while driving the brake pivot bolt through the hole in the spring coil using 4mm hex key. Continue to drive pivot bolt through the opposite brake hole and scooter base hole.

Pro Step 9

Step 10 – Install 8mm nut and use 8mm wrench and 4mm hex key to tighten the brake pivot bolt.

Pro Step 10

Step 11 – Locate a wheel, rear axle & axle bolt, and bushings.

Pro Step 11

Step 12 – Insert rear axle through scooter base and install one of the bushings on the axle.

Pro Step 12

Step 13 – Install wheel and push axle through wheel (note: there is an internal bushing in the wheel hub that needs to be lined up with the axle).

Pro Step 13

Step 14 – Insert second bushing and push axle through the bushing.

Pro Step 14

Step 15 – Install rear axle bolt into axle hole on opposite side and then tighten the axle using two 5mm hex keys.

Pro Step 15

Step 16 – Finished conversion from snow scooter to street scooter.

Pro Step 16

Step 17 – Reverse process to convert back to snow scooter.

Pro Step 17

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at:

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