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Fun Outdoor Toys For Winter

The holiday season might be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun is! Here is a list of Fun Outdoor Toys for Winter:

RAILZ Snow Scooter

There is no better outdoors winter toy than the RAILZ Snow Scooter. This toy shows you don’t need to go to the highest of mountains or spend a lot of money, a RAILZ Snow Scooter is a budget-friendly way to have a ton of fun. This adventure can take place on any flat snow surface, and can be maneuvered with just a push of a foot!

The height of the snow scooter can easily be adjusted, and it is lightweight and portable so you can have fun wherever you go.


Pipeline Snow Arrow Lazersled

This awesome Lazersled is a one-person snow tube shaped like an arrow, great for gliding over the snowy outdoors! It is fast and fun, with a 16 gauge PVC and cold crack additive for durability. This sled is easily deflatable, and therefore easy to transport wherever you go.

It is long-lasting and will guarantee you and your family many fun romps in the snow. Give your child a memory they will never forget! 




Hoopla Toys HT-10007 Snowball Thrower

What is a winter without a classic snowball fight? Get your kid ahead of the game with the Snowball Thrower, a toy designed specifically for launching snowballs into the air.

Let the snowballs fly and whir through the sky with a lightweight scooper meant to perfect the snowball throwing technique. It is easy to carry, and perfect for kids of all ages!


Gracious Living Snow Twin Cruiser Sled

This particular sled comes with plastic handles and rope for easy-to-maneuver sledding! The Snow Twin Cruiser Sled can easily accommodate two riders, and is appropriate for kids five years and up.

It is a safe, classic gift that can lead to a whole lot of fun during the holiday season.




Are you planning on trying out any of these toys this holiday season? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you!