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Evolution of Scooters

evolution of scooters

The evolution of scooters has taken a long, windy road over the last century. Other forms of transportation have stole the spotlight for approximately one hundred years, and kick scooters did not gain their widespread adoption until a few decades ago.

What’s the evolution of scooters? Well, we’re glad you asked.

Scooters were handmade for a little over one hundred years, and were made mostly out of wood, which wouldn’t typically fare well in poor weather. After wooden scooters, came the invention of metal scooters. Metal scooters, however, were clunky, heavy, and difficult to maneuver. Because of their multiple design flaws, scooters almost faded into obscurity.

Until 1990, and a man from Switzerland named Wim Ouboter. Ouboter’s younger sister had legs of different sizes, and could not operate a bicycle. Ouboter saw a need for a push scooter, and in 1996 created the foldable, aluminum scooter that we know and love today. It was marketed as a “micro skate scooter.” It was first released in Japan, and then in the U.S.

Scooters have since then permeated into American society, and can now be seen run by kids, college students, and adults.

Following its introduction into American culture, RAILZ took the idea of a modern kick scooter and transformed it to create a recreational snow scooter. As a sports goods development and manufacturing company, RAILZ wanted to change the way people played in the snow. The founders of RAILZ are all engineers with families. So, the motivation was to combine innovative design with rock solid traditional sports products for family winter fun.

Snow liftThe result? A scooter perfectly adaptable for the chilly winter months!

Now, RAILZ has created three scooters and various wheel and ski kits. This makes scootering around even during the wintertime simple and fun.

Scooters have evolved tremendously throughout the past century, and will continue to keep growing in the future. And RAILZ is proud to be at the forefront of that innovation.

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