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Why RAILZ Created The Crossover All Season Scooter

Why RAILZ Created The Crossover All Season Scooter

Crossover All Season ScooterIf you’ve ever wondered why three guys left their day jobs to manufacture kids scooters, we’ve got the answers. RAILZ started with an innovative idea based around enjoying the outdoors in the winter and our vision is no different now than it was then.

What is RAILZ all about? Read on.

Why did you start RAILZ?

We started RAILZ so kids and families everywhere could enjoy the outdoors, especially in the winter months. Over the years, it has expanded as we have developed different scooters, accessories and kits. RAILZ was started with the idea of having fun outside all year long, and it’s a vision we will maintain throughout the future of our company!

Who started RAILZ?

RAILZ was started by three guys that love snow sports and had a dream to change the world of winter outdoor fun with great inventions. We started RAILZ with an idea and a living room and expanded from there.

What was the purpose of RAILZ?

We wanted to change the way people play and exercise in the snow. Our purpose is to give kids and adults a new way to get exercise while having fun and not even know they’re exercising, like so many other great sports.  This was our original vision and continues to be.

What was the inspiration behind RAILZ?

Our main inspiration and industry changing invention came from one of our kids when he said “let’s put skis on my scooter.” Our kids wanted to use their skateboards and scooters in the winter. We decided to try it out, and after several failed prototypes, we were successful at creating a fun winter toy for our kids.

What was the original vision behind RAILZ?

We wanted to create the next big thing in the snow industry since the snowboard. We started with an old snowboard and after several years and different models, we now have three scooters and various wheel and ski kits.


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