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An Innovative Kick Scooter: The History Of RAILZ

An An Innovative Kick Scooter: The History Of RAILZ

An Innovative Kick Scooter: The History Of RAILZ

Every great product starts with an idea, and RAILZ was no different. From a used-snowboard prototype to the many different products we have now, our goal has always been to motivate people to get outdoors and have fun. Many things have changed about our process and products since then, but our goal has always remained the same. Here is the story of how we went from our prototype snow skateboard to the various RAILZ products you enjoy today

Who started RAILZ?

Three guys, Eric, David and Brad, started RAILZ. We love snow sports and had a dream to change the world of winter outdoor fun with great inventions. We started with some old snow gear, a vision, and some good old fashioned trial and error.

How and where did RAILZ get started?

RAILZ started, in 2004, in the garage with an old snowboard purchased from Play it Again Sports.  We cut the board into pieces, bolted it onto skateboard decks in every way imaginable, but we could not get our snowskate to skate.  We scratched our heads. Went for a skate session, and had an “aha” moment.  Let’s design a ski to replace skateboard wheels.  We developed and patented the RAILZ ski which made our snowskate skate, and we were off and running.

How was the Snow Scooter concept developed?

Woodies1 (2)The concept for the RAILZ snow scooter came from one of our kids, Isaiah, when he said, “Dad, can we put RAILZ skis on my kick scooter?” Since then, the product has changed and developed into different types of scooters, allowing everyone to have fun in the snow and on the street. We now offer three types of scooters, each of which has interchangeable wheels and skis. The Full-Size Scooter, the Pro Scooter and the Youth Scooter. Our goal is for our products to be enjoyed by everyone year-round! That’s why we created scooters for every age and size of rider.

Fun Fact:

RAILZ snow scooters and snowskates are featured in a Disney movie: “Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure!

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At RAILZ we motivate people to get outdoors and have fun; so check out our products and you might find yourself having a great time: