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7 Ways Kids Benefit From Using Scooters

benefits from using scooters

Scooters are fun and a cool way for kids to get some light exercise for their body and mind.

Here are 7 benefits from using scooters.

1. Scooters are fun

Scootering is fun, hands down. Scootering is a great way to get fresh air and enjoy the interesting sights and sounds around you. The sensation of gliding over pavement with the wind in your hair is something that walking cannot provide. If you and your children are going to the park, or somewhere that requires a lot of walking, using a scooter avoids the less desirable elements of walking, such as sore feet and tired legs. It’s pretty hard to say that you are bored and tired when riding a scooter! Shop our children’s kick scooter here

2. Develop balance

One of the many benefits from using scooters is it helps develop a child’s balance. A firm kick is what first powers a scooter, but balance is what directs the scooter. Scooters teach kids how to balance using their weight, which helps develop muscles in their upper bodies.

3. Build confidence

With the development of balance comes improved self-confidence. Success in scootering, with simple activities and attainable goals, such as riding around the entire park, builds a child’s sense of competence. Energizing activities, like scootering, motivates kids! When kids are motivated and successful with their task they experience a higher level of self-confidence.

4. Develop gross and fine motor skills

Motor skills are any action that involves a child using their muscles. Riding a scooter helps kids work on coordination, endurance, and overall strength. The more endurance activities children engage in, the more energy they will have for other actives. Additionally, developing these skills on a scooter will help with future cavities that require steering, stopping and balancing, such as riding a bike.

5. Benefit your health

Scootering is physical activity, which has numerous health benefits. Physical activity strengthens the heart, helps keep arteries and veins clear, strengthens the lungs, strengthens the bones, improves energy levels, enhances emotional well-being, and more! Just a side note, scootering isn’t just for kids! Scootering encourages physical activity at any age which leads to a much healthier, happier lifestyle!  

6. Enhance cognitive development

Kids enjoy making their own decisions and thinking for themselves. With scootering, children are given the freedom and independence to develop and implement their ideas. When children are given the chance to make their own decisions, they see themselves as capable of success. Exploring on a scooter gives children opportunities to explore their capabilities and experience play, which in turn builds imagination!

7. They teach safety

One of the final benefits from using scooters is scooters teach safety. Just like learning to ride a skateboard or a bike, kids will most likely fall when learning to ride a scooter. For that reason, we always encourage our riders to wear a helmet and other protective gear such as elbow and knee pads. Through the process of learning to ride a scooter, kids can understand the importance of protecting their bodies and the consequences of not doing so.

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