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5 Reasons To Get A Kids Snow Scooter

When it comes to shopping for your kids, you want the best! There are other snow scooters on the market but we strongly believe that RAILZ Pro Snow Scooter is the best. Here are 5 reasons to get the best, most durable, pro snow scooter on the market.


1. It’s Really Fun!

There is no doubt that carving on snow exactly like a wheeled scooter does on pavement is extremely fun! It’s perfect for gliding down snowy hills or riding around the neighborhood! It is meant for ages 5 and up and it holds up to 220 pounds, so everyone can enjoy playing on the RAILZ Pro Snow scooter!

2. High-Quality

The RAILZ Pro Snow scooter has a triple stacked collar clamp, gusseted and welded front fork, a welded Y-bar design, an aluminum deck, and Nylon-66 skis. A lot of snow scooters on the market are made of HDPE plastic, which is not durable and breaks in cold temperatures. The skis on the Pro Snow Scooter are essentially indestructible. The RAILZ Pro Snow Scooter won’t break in freezing temperatures, where it is designed to be used.

3. Safety

The safety of our riders is a top priority for RAILZ. Unlike a lot of other snow scooters on the market, the Pro Snow Scooter has a snow brake. A snow brake is essential for new and younger riders because without a brake, riders could easily lose control and get hurt. At RAILZ, we pride ourselves with our well-made, extremely durable snow brakes because we want to keep all riders safe.

4. Free Gifts

The RAILZ Pro Snow Scooter comes with a free RAILZ logo sticker and Safety Lanyard! The logo sticker is perfect for any smooth surface and makes a great addition to your RAILZ scooter! The Safety Lanyard is an essential for new and young riders to keep them safe while playing! Made of steel, it extends to 67 inches in length. It comes in handy when playing on hills or ski slopes.

5. It Gets You Active

Winter days are long, especially when everyone is stuck inside. Most people don’t have the luxury of living next to a mountain to ski on whenever they like, so that makes getting outdoors in the winter limited. With the RAILZ Pro Snow Scooter, you can carve even the smallest hill, or ride around the block- just like you would do on a street scooter! This scooter’s nonskid deck makes riding it a breeze, and folding it up to go or store is even easier than that! The best part is you can purchase a Railz wheel kit with brake to convert your Pro Snow Scooter into a Street Scooter so you can play all year long!

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